“I should have known from the moment I was born that my life would go against all odds…”
“Sam pulled me over to where her friends were getting drinks trying to talk to me about the nerve of Paul and how not to let it get to me. But I was starting to feel a little weird, so I wasn’t paying much attention to her. Little did I know that would be the last thing I would remember from that night.”
Life is never easy, but for Kate, that was an understatement. Plagued by abusive parents and the need to fit in, Kate’s search for a good life was always cut short. When she leaves for college, she hopes to change her luck and her future. However, when decisions again go awry for Kate, she desperately turns to a God she doesn’t know or fully trust. Finally finding a family to call her own and torn between two men, Kate begins to settle in with this God. Yet when her past comes back to haunt her, will she turn away from everything she holds dear and face it on her own? Or will she learn to trust the God she barely knows?

The Warring Soul tests what you know against what you feel. Choosing God is never an easy choice for anyone, and for Kate, she wrongly chooses it as an escape, but she quickly finds out how that it is not really a choice at all.

The Warring Soul –  is the first in a series going through the tough decisions of life and the choice to believe or not believe in the one true God.